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When it comes to investing, many of us want our money to multiply fast. In this blog, discover the power of compounding returns, getting rich slowly and the kryptonite to building wealth in the long term.

Have you ever met someone who makes a lot of money, but doesn’t have much to show for it? The fuel that drives financial freedom is cash flow and it’s the foundation of financial independence.

Thinking about investing and growing your wealth? Want to find out how to grow your super, how to invest or how to sort out your finances? Don’t just start with the how.
GESB West State Super and Gold State Super are unique super funds. If you have one of these accounts, this is a must read.
Looking to invest? I’ve always dreamed about writing a book. Maybe I should start with the contents page and see where it ends up? Read these beginners tips to get you started.
Are you getting taxed up to your eyeballs? Wonder if you could be doing things wiser? Are you scared when it comes to tax time? Learn 5 ways to make sure you’re structured for success.

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