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The Retirement Income Covenant Is Here

From 1  July 2022, APRA regulated super funds are required to formulate a retirement income strategy for its members. The retirement income system is complex and not every super fund will encourage contemporary guaranteed income streams (i.e. annuities).

Book in a meeting today to explore your options and gain a greater understanding of the retirement income system and the opportunities available to you.

Optimise your retirement strategy using…

Contemporary guaranteed income streams (i.e. fixed, lifetime and market linked)

Account-based pensions

Non-superannuation investment income

The Australian age pension and overseas pensions

…all while managing investment risk, inflation risk and longevity risk.

A Simple Approach
Step 1.
Book a Meeting

$220 per hour
A discovery meeting for us to understand your current financial situation and goals, and for you to understand the retirement income system in Australia and the options available to you. Live calculator demonstrations for you to see how income streams work.

Step 2.
Return Form

Return the information about you form prior to the meeting so we have background knowledge of your situation.

Step 3.

Can be in person or via Zoom. We only provide general advice and information during the meeting. If you need personalised advice (i.e. a Statement of Advice), we’ll give you a quote after the meeting.

Step 4.
Personalised Plan
If you need personalised advice, we put together a comprehensive retirement plan to help reach your financial goals while optimising your retirement income strategy.
Step 5.
Keeping You On Track
We periodically check-in to make sure you’re on track to achieve your goals and continually optimise your retirement strategy.
Specialist Retirement Advice

Specialist retirement advice from founder
Ray Ong, a trusted CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® with over 15 years of experience.

A Comprehensive Retirement Plan

A comprehensive and personalised retirement plan that puts you in control of your finances.

An Honest And Authentic Experience

Honest and authentic retirement planning with a focus on you. Replacing financial fear with freedom.

“I have been a client of Ray Ong and his team from Fortitude Wealth well ahead of my retirement from the Public Service in late 2009. Ahead of my retirement Ray was able to put a strategy in place to save on tax and after my retirement he was able to advise me on strategies to safeguard my investment and achieve my long term financial goals.

Ray’s strengths are that he takes a very real interest in your account and you personally so he can provide you a tailored level of advice which is relative to your account. Ray has the expertise and knowledge to explain in simple and understandable terms in regards what is happening (and has happened) in financial markets to enable clients to make fully informed decisions to reach financial goals.

I hold a conservative approach which together with the assistance of Ray (who I hold in high regard) has helped me to maintain my capital at a good level and to protect my long term investment. I commend Ray and his team at Fortitude Wealth.”


– John Radalj

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Your best life

We’ll carefully handcraft a plan to help you live your best life — through smart and meaningful decisions that positively grow your wealth.

Meet the founder: Ray Ong

Ray is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® with over 15 years of experience. He has a passion for helping people of all backgrounds make smart and meaningful decisions with their money. His mission is to make these services accessible to the majority (not just the minority) — to replace the intimidation and fear of wealth management with freedom. He believes that the micro moments of life and financial wellbeing are intrinsically linked and thus takes a holistic approach to financial planning he calls, lifestyle planning.

Fortitude Wealth was birthed to make lifestyle planning services accessible to all. Through streamlining processes, simplifying systems and removing red tape, Ray has made it easier and more affordable for people of all backgrounds to access financial services that previously were unattainable for the majority.

In his spare time Ray enjoys playing guitar, reading a good book and spending time with his wife and three kids.

“Ray Ong has been my financial advisor for well over 10 years. The advice I have received from Ray has enabled me to build up my super well beyond my expectations. His presentations are very professional whether written or verbal. I have no hesitation in recommending Ray.”


– Denise Vally

What We Value


Honest Integrity

We’re honest, transparent and uphold the highest integrity. We’re in the business of partnership rather than pretentious selling. We’re open and flexible, and our yes means yes. When we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it.


Authentic Care

We genuinely care. We seek your highest good, not because we have to, but because we get to. We are moved by compassion to improve the lives of those entrusted to us.


Community Connection

We seek deep human connection. We want to know you intimately and form strong relationships with you and your sphere. This connection extends to our wider community rather than a select few. We make our services accessible to the majority (not just the minority). Freedom for all.

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